Wednesday, August 12, 2009

GSoC: Hackystat August 3-August 10

Sorry for the delay in posting--I landed myself a nice bronchial infection and have spent most of the last week coughing like a sea lion barks. It's awesome! However, it will probably also contribute to my brevity today, which I imagine many of you in the audience will appreciate.

This week:

Hackystat app. (Still. Possibly forever more.)

Working on the hackystat app makes me feel like I might be the only person who has ever tried to access Telemetry data who was not intimately familiar with the workings of the system. Much time has gone towards trying to find a constant or list or SOMETHING that includes the names of all of the Telemetry charts. The test cases for the Telemetry chart stuff don't seem to use them--they just use hard-coded strings, which makes me suspect that there is no such set of constants. For those with commit access--man, would that be handy! Judging by the test cases and the list of telemetry stuff in the project browser, I decided that the names must be the same as the list in the project browser.

I will be storing these charts in SocNet:

If anyone has a favorite chart they would like to see stored, speak now (or soon) or forever hold your peace. (Just kidding. But do speak up, because knowing would be good.)

The app is mostly finished (if my assumptions about the names were correct)--now I'm implementing its REST API support.


TouchGraph is out, because it has virtually no documentation, and the code is a relatively old version. (They don't know when they will be releasing the new one.) I haven't been able to figure out how to use it, so I have moved on to other options.

Jung, which I mentioned last week, has better documentation than TouchGraph by a long shot. However, I am working most seriously with Giny ( Giny is a LOT easier to work with than Jung, and implements a bunch of handy graphing algorithms that will make rudimentary analysis that much easier.

What I can't decide is how to host the visualizations. It would be easiest (from my perspective), to run them on the user's computer. However, it would probably be best to do a project browser style thing, visualization via web browser. My concern is that I will not be able to manage that in two weeks.

Library problems:

I am running into trouble using the hackystat client libraries. For instance, with the Telemetry client most recently added to my system, I pulled the ivy retrieve target from the telemetry system build file. Somewhat lazy, I know, but why duplicate work? The problem is that the target only works if you've compiled and built from source hackystat-utilities, hackystat-sensorbase-uh, hackystat-sensor-shell, and hackystat-dailyprojectdata. Which is fine if you've done it, but not great if you haven't. I think this is because the individual projects don't have modules in ivy-roundup or in my module repository.

Since I don't want individual users to have to compile the entire hackystat system from sources just to be able to use my stuff, it would be awesome if the sensorshell jar and the telemetry jar were added to ivy roundup. If they can't be added to ivy roundup, is it cool if I add them to my module repository?

Next week:

My plan from last week was sort of a general overview for the next two weeks, so it still stands. So I'll be gluing the hackystat sensor to the socnet server and working on visualizations with Giny.

Something I'd like to do that MIGHT not be such a big deal would be to start one-way hashing the passwords.