Friday, July 10, 2009

GSoC: Hackystat SocNet Server and the Ivy Integration

Today, I tried to build just the server. However, because of the new directory structure, it wouldn't build without also building the twitter sensors and the social media graph. I tried to exclude both from the build script, but for some reason the includes/excludes did not work properly in any way, shape, or form. After beating my head against that for a while, I decided to bite the bullet and integrate with Ivy.

ZOMG, what an ordeal. It was somewhat easier because there were already examples of the stuff that Philip had integrated. However, one of the libraries that I needed (neo4j) has all of the naming consistency of a teeter-totter in a hurricane. So in order to get that to download and install properly, there was an exceptional amount of bother. As it is, the neo4j xml files have significantly more hardcoding in them than I am comfortable with. It took FOUR HOURS to get the bloody thing working. The second library was much easier, in part because they followed a consistent naming scheme, and in part because by that time I had some clue what I was doing. The XML was beginning to develop meaning, the mysteries of ivy were becoming somewhat clear...

Just trying to figure out what needed to be in the XML files was difficult, even with the examples from IvyRoundup. I notice that most of those were generated files, which appear to somehow have been generated with an xlst file. I would very much like to know how that works, as I suspect that would make the job much easier.

For the time being, the ivy modules are stored on my google project page. I would eventually like to move them to IvyRoundup, but as I will have to get permission to do so first, I figured this was a good interim solution.


Emil Eifrem said...


Sorry to hear that you had a frustrating experience with Neo4j. Would you mind sharing some details about the problems you had?

AFAIK, we don't ship with any XML files (if you check out the source directly then you get one Maven pom.xml but that's it, and in the binary release there's zero XML).

Emil Eifrem

Raz said...

Hi, Emil!

I will get back with you with the specifics in the next couple of days.